Janmashtami Cards, Janmashtami Bhajans, Janmashtami Legends

    Janmashtami Cards

    Janmashtami Cards

    Janmashtami is celebrated throughout the country with immense joy and fervor. The festival is celebrated as the welcome festival to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna; the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The festival is celebrated in the month of Shravan according to the Hindu calendar which corresponds to the August- September months of the Gregorian calendar. On the occasion of Janmashtami, devotees of Krishna all over the world celebrate the festival by community get together, feasting, fasting and singing bhajans of their deity. On this day, people also send good wishes to each other. As in the global world of today, people live at two poles of the earth, the easiest and the most convenient way of exchanging gift is the ‘greeting cards.’

    The best thing about greeting cad is that sending a greeting card is not a very complicated work. It is in fact the best hassle free and the most hassle free way to send wishes to all your loved ones on occasions like Janmashtami. It is also a very personalized form of greeting, thus making the receiver feel special. Greting cards specially meant for Janmashtami can easily be found in many greeting cards stores even before this festival arrives. Even many websites start uploading several e-cards around the festival which are many times free of cost. Read on to explore know how to send greetings and e-cards for Krishna Janmashtami.

    Janmashtami Cards

    Gift Galleries
    You will get to see several greeting cards specially meant for this occasion on lots of greeting cards stores. Adorned with beautiful pictures of Krishna, the cards will simply be mesmerizing. Here all you need to chose a card with a relevant message to whom you are sending this card and courier it after writing a soulful regard message on it.

    If you find the task of going to a greeting card store and then choosing a card, little too tiring and complicated, simply surf the net. You will get to see thousands of beautiful animated e-cards of baby Krishna which would leave you spell bound. As sending an e-card would not require anything except few minutes, it is also an easy and hassle free means of greeting your loved ones. Also, this is the fastest means of wishing someone. So even you take out little time on the day of the festival itself, you cam wish all the people in your list.

    Handmade Cards
    If you have a lot of time or you want to give an extremely personalized touch to your wishes to your loved one, you can make a handmade card. All you simply need to do is collect some mesmerizing picture of Lord Krishna and paste it on your cardboard sheet into a beautiful Janmashtami card. Also, write a soulful message and facts related to your deity inside the card.

    Janmashtami Bhajans

    The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated with great zeal by Hindus across India. The eighth day of Savana month is important in the Hindu calendar, because this is the day when Lord Krishna was born in Mathura. The little town of Mathura, situated along the banks of River Yamuna, has now turned into a place of worship. Lord Krishna temple in Mathura is renowned for its Janmashtami celebrations. However, all the temples of Shri Krishna are special on Janmashtami. At midnight stroke, the devotees of Shri Krishna sing devotional songs (bhajans) to praise the deity. It is customary to perform aarti in the midnight of ashtami, when Lord Krishna was born. In this article, we have given the lyrics of some of the popular bhajans that can be sung on Krishnashtami.

    Krishna Janmashtami Bhajans

    Darshan Do Ghanshyam

    Darashan do ghanashyam naath mori
    Ankhiyan pyaasi re
    Man mandir ki jyoti jagaado,
    Ghat ghat basi re

    Mandir mandir murat teri
    Phir bhi naa dikhe surat teri
    Yug bite naa aai milan ki
    Puranamasi re

    Dwaar dayaa kaa jab tu khole
    Pancham sur mein gungaa bole
    Andhaa dekhe langadaa chal kar
    Pahunche kasi re

    Paani pi kar pyaas bujhaun
    Nainon ko kaise samajhaaun
    Aankh michauli chhodo ab
    Man ke basi re

    Nibarl ke bal dhaan nidharn ke
    Tum rakhwaale bhakt janon ke
    Tere bhajan mein sab sukh paun
    Mite udasi re

    Naam jape par tujhe naa jaane
    Unako bhi tu apanaa maane
    Teri dayaa kaa ant nahin hai
    He dukh nashi re

    Aaj phaisalaa tere dwaar par
    Meri jit hai teri haar par
    Har jit hai teri main to
    Charan upaasi re

    Dwaar khadaa kab se matavaalaa
    Maange tum se har tumhaari
    Narasi ki ye binati sunalo
    Bhakt vilaasi re

    Laj naa lut jaaye prabhu teri
    Naath karo naa dayaa mein deri
    Tin lok chhod kar aao
    Gangaa nivasi re

    Bhajo Radhe Govinda

    Bhajo Radhe Govinda
    Gopala Tera pyara naam hai
    Gopala Tera pyara naam
    Nandalala Tera pyara naam

    Mor mukat maathe tilak
    Gale vaijanthimala Gale
    Koi kahe Vasudev ka
    Koi kahe Nandalala Koi kahe
    Bhajo Radhe Govinda.

    Gaj aur Grehe lade jal
    Jal mein chakra chalaya Jal mein chakra chalaya
    Jab jab bhid padi bhagaton par
    Nanggi pairin dhaya Nanggi pairin dhaya
    Bhajo Radhe Govinda.

    Bhajo Man Govind Gopala

    Bhajo Man Govind Gopala
    Govind Gopala Gopala
    Bhajo man Govind Gopala
    Govind bolo Hari Gopal bolo
    Govind Gopala, Gopala
    Bhajo man Govind Gopala

    Rang Le Khudko, Murari Ke Rang

    Rang le khudko, murari ke rang
    Jeevan ke sab rang hain jhoote
    Rang lo mohe
    Apne rang mein murari.

    Mrigtrishna ke is jaal se ab karo mukti humari,
    Rang lo mohe
    Apne rang mein murari.

    Dukh-sukh, paap-punya hain aane jane.
    Rang lo mohe
    Apne rang mein murari

    Mayajaal ke rang hai kacche, bas tohre naam ke pukke,
    Rang lo mohe
    Apne rang mein murari

    Tohre naam se hoga is bhav sagar ka paar
    Rang lo mohe
    Apne rang main murari

    Darsh Do Mohe Girdhari

    Darsh do mohe girdhari
    More pranpriye krishna
    More pyare girdhari,
    Darsh do mohe
    More pran chhootat jat

    Main neech nirbal prani
    Chahta jana chhodd duniya ka sath
    Darsh do mohe
    More pran chhootat jat

    Moh maya ke is bhanwar se
    Do mujhe ab ubhar
    Darsh do mohe
    More pran chhootat jat

    Karm ki gathariya ho gayi bhari
    Karo mera uddhar
    Darsh do mohe
    More pran chhootat jat

    Sumiran kar tera antim kshan mein
    Mujhe milega swarg ka dwar
    Darsh do mohe
    More pran chhootat jat

    More pyare girdhari
    Sun lo ab arz humari
    Darsh de mohe
    More pran chhootat jat

    Janmashtami Legends

    Janmashtami Legends

    Janmashtami is celebrated with pomp and gaiety by Hindus all over India, to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna. Also referred to as Krishnashtami, the festival falls on Rohini nakshatra of Savana month. The celebration revolves around the story of the birth of Lord Krishna. Special Janmashtami puja is organized on the day. People enjoy cooking mouthwatering food, to celebrate the birth of their favorite deity. Small children are dressed like the young Krishna and his playmate Radha. Songs are sung to praise Lord Krishna. At times, story of Lord Krishna is also recited during cultural programs. If you want to know the interesting story of Lord Krishna, read the article. Given below is the legend of Lord Krishna, which drives the people to celebrate Janmashtami, year by year.

    Krishna Janmashtami Legends

    According to the legends, Kansa was a mighty and discourteous prince of Mathura. His father Ugrasen had chosen Vasudev, one of the highly ranked officials in his army, as the groom for his daughter - Devki (Kansa's sister). Agreeing to the decision, Kansa arranged a lavish wedding for his only sister. When Kansa was riding on a chariot along with the newly wed couple - Devki and Vasudev - a heavenly voice interrupted the journey. It predicted that Devki's eighth son would kill Kansa. Upon hearing the prophesy, the self-centered Kansa imprisoned the newly wed couple.

    Apart from imprisoning Devki and Vasudev, Kansa also put his own father (the King of Mathura) behind bars. Consequently, Kansa took over as the King of Mathura. He waited until the arrival of the Devki's first child. The moment Kansa heard the news of the birth of Devki's first child; he headed towards the prison ferociously, got hold of the newborn and killed the child. The following six newborns of Devki were killed by Kansa in similar manner. When she was about to give birth to her eighth child, a heavenly voice commanded Vasudev to take the newborn to Gokul and exchange it with the newborn girl child of Nanda and Yashoda.

    Birth Of Lord Krishna
    The guards of the prison had fallen into deep slumber. They were unable to inform their master about the birth of Devki's eighth child. The shackles and the prison gate opened miraculously and Vasudev stepped out of the prison with the newborn, carried in a small basket. In the midnight, Vasudev carried the newborn in the basket and traveled through the waters of stormy Yamuna River. Since it was raining heavily, a huge snake known as Adisesha with its 2000 hoods, glided behind the father and the newborn, in order to act as a protective canopy for the divine child. When Vasudev returned from Gokul, the shackles fastened automatically, the doors of the prison closed and the guards woke up.

    Upon hearing the news of the birth of Devki's eighth child, Kansa went to the cell and got hold of the newborn. Ironically, the child slipped out of his stranglehold and appeared as Goddess, laughing at him. She vanished after telling that the eighth son of Devki (Lord Krishna) had already born and was safe elsewhere. Lord Krishna grew up at Gokul as a mischievous prankster who was the heartbeat of Gokul and the favorite of Gopikas. He grew up as a lovable brat, who played around mischievously and looted fresh Makhan (homemade butter) from every household of Gokul. Year by year, people in Mathura, Gokul and elsewhere in India celebrate the birth of the favorite deity - Lord Krishna on the eighth day (asthami) of Savan month and name it as Janmashtami or Krishnashtami.

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