Top Link Building Techniques

    For a good search engine ranking number of links pointing to your web page is vital. Links pointing into web page is important because it is through this method the popularity of your web page is determined by search engines. We all know Link building is a pain on ass, because getting links are not that easy and it needs a lot of hard work. So here i am to give some secret techniques of finding places to make and build links.

    Secret techniques of link building

    Blog Commenting

    Technique 1 on Blog commenting: Searching for Niche blogs

    If your a link builder searching for niche related links, this is a good technique to find blogs to comment on. This techniques will allow you to search for keyword related blogs for you to comment.

    inurl:blog “post a comment” -”posting closed” -”comments closed” -”you must be
    logged in” “Your Niche Keywords

    Technique 2 on Blog commenting: Searching for KeywordLuv Blogs

    If your familiar with wordpress and its plugin you probably would know what keywordluv is. If your not familiar with this term don't worry it is just a simple plugin that will allow wordpress users to install on their blog comment, which when commented by users will generate the last blog post of the commentators blog. This is one place where you can get 2 easy backlinks. To search for KeywordLuv blog go to Google and copy and paste the below code.

    "This site uses KeywordLuv. Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to
    take advantage."

    Technique 3 on Blog commenting: Searching for .com .edu .gov .info .net blogs

    This method is as same as to the link building technique mentioned in technique 1, but the difference is; if your finding for any particular site domain which ends with .com .edu .info .net and etc this comes really handy. inurl:blog “post a comment” -”posting closed” -”comments
    closed” -”you must be logged in” “Your Niche Keywords

    Remember to examine .edu with other site domains.

    Technique 4 on Blog commenting: Searching for Top commentators blog

    There are lot of blog owners who use widgets like "Top commentators". This widget is one good widget for link lovers because if your blog commenting for any new blog posts you don't in most cases able to get a link with good Page rank(PR). With the help of Top commentators widget on the blog homepage and other blog posts, if your able to make in the top commentators list your sure to get a good incoming PR link to your webpage.

    Top Commentators in Wordpress Blog
    Top Commentators in Blogspot Blog

    Profile Linking

    Profile linking is as in simple to what the title says. You don't make comments or make any post instead you create profiles and place your links. There are several platforms where you can do profile linking such as forums, social bookmarking sites and etc.

    Note: When doing profile linking always make sure that the profile links are publicly viewable.

    Technique 5 on Profile Linking: Searching for Forums

    There are several and different forum software like vBulletin, ExpressionEngine, SMF and etc. All these software forums does not work as the same and is different from one another. So learn your self where you can place links. Places where you can place links in forums are
    • Signatures
    • About Me
    • Contact Infos
    • Interests
    • Website
    • Additional Information
    1. Searching for VBulletin Forums
      "Powered by vBulletin®" "Your Niche Keyword"
    2. Searching for ExpressionEngine Forums
      "Powered by ExpressionEngine" "Your Niche Keyword"
    3. Searching for PunBB forums
    "Powered by PunBB" "Your Niche Keyword"
    Likewise there are many forum softwares. Try this link to get hold of the available forum softwares. You can use this method to search for other web platforms to make profile linking.

    Other Techniques

    Technique 6 : Searching for Angela's High Quality Links

    If your into SEO and Link building you probably would be familiar with Angela's high quality links. If you do not know about her, she is a member of warrior forum who sell 30 high PR links for her subscribers every month at a price of 5 dollars.

    Method 1
    I personally recommend this site to check backlinks because it shows new links pretty fast, shows PR, Nofollow or DoFollow and the Anchor Text. This is one article Angela uses see here. Copy this article and monitor her backlinks on the backlink checker site provided. Get hold of the good links and start placing your links.

    Method 2
    Most of the links Angela use is profile links, but these profile to which Angela submits links are with high PR or with a good Alexa rank. Usually Angela uses the profile name Angelae8654, so try searching her profile name with double quotes in Google to search for her profiles so that you could place links too.

    Technique 7 on Blog commenting: Hidden Smiley Links

    We know most of our comments or links are just discarded by moderators and blog owners, specially if your building links on .edu, .gov or blog commenting. To overcome the reduction of links being rejected we could use links in smileys in forum posts or blog commenting. To try this method in forums be sure you use bb codes and html codes in blog commenting. That is

    These are some of the top link building techniques that you could try at the meanwhile. Do subscribe with us to learn more about SEO. Please bookmark this post or share our link if it was worth reading. Bye for now.

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