Wireless SPY Camera hidden in a TABLE LAMP

    If you want to eavesdrop and also see and know what is happening when you are not around, then you could consider this table lamp. This one has a built in wireless camera, totally covert, with a 3.6 mm lens which allows for 90 degree wide angle viewing, 420 lines of resolution for a sharp and clear video picture.

    It works even in low light conditions, so you can be assured that you can view what is happening and even record it. It can transmit through all walls except steel ones. You can record in black and white or colour, depending on which one you take.

    The receiver is included in the pack and it comes with a battery pack as well as the RCA video cable. It can be used as a nanny cam or in a situation which warrants the use of such surveillance equipment.

    Good points are that it provides a good standard of video quality and works even when the light is out, so can be used in the daytime or night. It can work in the night-time even when the light is turned off. It also looks like an ordinary table lamp, so would not arouse any immediate suspicion.

    However, given the wide variety of choice when it comes to hidden cameras being camouflaged in everyday household products, I am not certain a wireless table lamp is as discreet as some other products available. Also, the angle of recording is fairly limited.

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Wireless SPY Camera hidden in a TABLE LAMP

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